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How Email Marketing Helps Your Online Business

In any relationships, and that includes business, communication is one of the most powerful key to success. Your customers and potential clients are the lifeblood that supports the breathing line of any enterprise or business in the world. Thus, communicating with them on a regular basis can play a big role in establishing longer and hopefully, lasting patronage. There are a lot of methods to reach out to y ...

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Top 50 Social Media Sites to Help in Optimizing Your Site

Social media sites are of huge help to every online business marketers. There are hundreds and even thousands of social media sites that may emerge in a split seconds but the question is which one is perfect and beneficial to utilize? The primary reasons why social media sites exist are to keep next of kin in touch, help website products and services to be visible and absolutely assist website owner in brin ...

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Top Reasons Why You Should Engage Your Business Into Online Marketing

It’s fast, reliable and accessible anywhere. It’s one of the best innovation that mankind have ever discovered. It is the World Wide Web or shortly known as the NET. Today, the internet or simply NET is best described by many online business enthusiasts as their leverage towards many things. Leverage in the sense that you can do more with less expense and effort via the internet. In such competitive world o ...

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How to Build a Great Contest – My Post on SEOmoz

I launched a contest on one of my french websites which was a great success. I wrote a kick ass article explaining everything which I offered as a Guest Post to SEOmoz and it was accepted! That means it's dammm good! :-) Read it here: How to Build a Great Contest I'd like it to be promoted onto the main SEOmoz blog so please leave a comment saying it deserves it! Thanks! *Note - It got promoted! WAHOO! I kn ...

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Google +1 Like button – Resource

Google has just launched a rival to the Facebook LIKE button which has gained an incredible popularity on the internet. It seems like Google is trying to implement yet another social connector (Buzz) to help them rank websites using human recommendations. Using the community to offer better search results and content is the ultimate way to get the job done for any search engine. For this reason, Google coul ...

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