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Hide your affiliate links – Best way to do it

You might be in danger if you don't hide or cloak your affiliate links. Google could penalize your site if they don't like what they see. Someone could hijack your links and send the traffic to their own affiliate link. If the affiliate program modifies the links then you'll have to go back to all your articles and manually change one by one your link. Redirecting your affiliate links could fix all those pr ...

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Does Google follow nofollow links?

I wanted the answer to this question because I was curious to know how Google would react when faced with a page which has affiliate links which were nofollow. Will Google visit all those links and see that I'm linking to an affiliate programme? If yes, then Google might consider my site as an affiliate (which doesn't have to be bad!) and could possibility get my site in trouble. Especially if I do not have ...

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