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Ethical and WhiteHat SEO Tips to Create backlinks

Backlinks serve as an important part of Search Engine Optimization. Search engine major Google sees backlinks as recommendations that websites, generally of similar type, make to each other. Such links give Google the insight into a website’s popularity. In the Cyber Space of billion plus websites, Google needs to distinguish relevant websites from trash ones. They do it by analyzing backlinks of crawled we ...

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BulkPing – Index 10,000s of Backlinks Quickly For Free

I found this cool service that helps you to index thousands of your backlinks for free! :) Normally when we create backlinks, it's difficult for us to ensure that each and every one of them is indexed because sometimes we build them in bulk, sometimes in the thousands. It takes time... If you have this dilemma and would like to index all the backlinks you built quickly, you can try this service: 1. Copy and ...

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