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How to backup WordPress Daily – Super Easy!

wordpress backupI have lots of wordpress blogs hosted on a lot of different web servers and I spend a LOT of time working on them. For this reason, I absolutely need an external backup of all my WP blogs. If anything happens (nothing has yet), I know I can restore using the latest daily backups of my blogs.

I searched for a couple hours what were my options to backup wordpress on an external server and pretty much found two good plugins:

Let’s start with XCloner. This is for geeks since it allows you to do pretty much everything. It’s extremely powerful but also complicated to use so I decided not to use it.

I use Automatic WordPress Backup which is crazy easy to use. There’s only one page of configurations and you can basically install this backup solution in 2 minutes. Also, you have to use Amazon S3 as the external server where your data will be saved. Amazon S3 is absolutely great, very reliable and extremely cheap. To backup my 30 wordpress blogs daily (around 5-6Mb each backup) and keep all the backups on Amazon S3, it costs me $10 per month. That’s a really good deal!

Be careful because AWB does not backup absolutely everything, just the core elements but that’s enough to restore:

  • SQL Database
  • Root folder
    • wp-config.php
    • .htaccess
  • wp-content folder
    • plugins folder
    • themes folder
    • uploads folder

If you are using WP-DB-Backup, STOP, it only backs up your database and you won’t be able to restore just with that.


Screenshot of the configuration page for AWB:

automatic wordpress backup wordpress plugin


Screenshot of the Amazon S3 admin panel:

amazon s3

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