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Top 100 Ping Site Services

Before we go directly into the top Ping sites, you might want to read a few things about it first. Basically, with the increase of web usage, and the advent of using the web to advertise market and earn money, sites with more hits get more money. Owners of an often visited site have more advantage. They get more viewers, advertisers and thus, more money. Ping is a network tool that is used to find out the r ...

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Pingdom Android and iPhone application – When is your website down?

Pingdom has just launched their Android app so you get automatically notified on your smartphone when your website is down. Read more about it here. If you'd like to install the iPhone Pingdom app, click here. I use Pingdom to get notified when my websites are down. I actually have 5 different hosting plans (one dedicated server + 4 shared) with different hosting companies and different IP addresses. It's r ...

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