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The History of SEO

Nowadays, searching becomes a lot easier. People all over the world already have an access in the worldwide web or commonly known as the Internet. Humans wanted to get information faster and now it can easily be done with a swipe of your finger or a click of a button. Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is an art of developing a web site. SEO is also the process of improving the visibility of a web ...

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Google +1 Like button – Resource

Google has just launched a rival to the Facebook LIKE button which has gained an incredible popularity on the internet. It seems like Google is trying to implement yet another social connector (Buzz) to help them rank websites using human recommendations. Using the community to offer better search results and content is the ultimate way to get the job done for any search engine. For this reason, Google coul ...

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Google to launch gBlimps to advertise ads in the sky!

You will now be able to display your Google Adwords PPC campaigns on blimps in the sky! That's crazy! The next great advertising format arrives this May Introducing gBlimps After years of meticulous design, our brand new fleet of blimps is finally ready to take to the skies. Soon you'll be seeing Google blimps (a.k.a. gBlimps) flying over major cities, displaying AdWords ads to a larger audience than ever b ...

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Does Google follow nofollow links?

I wanted the answer to this question because I was curious to know how Google would react when faced with a page which has affiliate links which were nofollow. Will Google visit all those links and see that I'm linking to an affiliate programme? If yes, then Google might consider my site as an affiliate (which doesn't have to be bad!) and could possibility get my site in trouble. Especially if I do not have ...

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