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Google Calendar Hacked?

I'm a little worried because it's now the second time I see a spammy event added without my consent on my Google Calendar. How is this person sending a Google event directly to my calendar without me approving it first?? Did anyone have the same problem? Here's the SOLUTION You can stop events from automatically appearing in your Google Calendar by editing the settings. I highly recommend you take action no ...

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Fastest method to setup your new domain names: DNS + cPanel + WordPress with Themes & Plugins

I just bought 23 new domain names so I now need to get them setup as quickly/efficiently as possible. These new sites will become WordPress niche sites with 5 to 10 articles on each property + a little bit of backlinking. I do not monetize at first and wait for 2-3 months so that'll be for another post. Here's how to setup your sites as quickly and efficiently as possible: Do your keyword research and find ...

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How to Build a Great Contest – My Post on SEOmoz

I launched a contest on one of my french websites which was a great success. I wrote a kick ass article explaining everything which I offered as a Guest Post to SEOmoz and it was accepted! That means it's dammm good! :-) Read it here: How to Build a Great Contest I'd like it to be promoted onto the main SEOmoz blog so please leave a comment saying it deserves it! Thanks! *Note - It got promoted! WAHOO! I kn ...

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