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My 6 months Goals – Rich and Famous?

The date 6 months from now will be December 14th, 2012 (two days later it's my birthday!). In 6 months time, I want to come back to this post and compare my objectives to the actual numbers and hopefully see that I've achieved or surpassed my expectations. So let's see where I'm hoping to be in 6 months with my blog eMarket Elite. What are your goals? Be realistic! I highly recommend that you also start wor ...

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A new beginning

A lot of my niche websites have been hit hard by the new Google update called Penguin. My revenue has gone from $150-$200 to $20-$30 per day. This really gets me thinking about the future and how to continue my online businesses. Niche sites have worked great these last couple years but today it’s become much harder to just create a website, add a couple pages of content and create some mediocre backlinks a ...

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