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Google Calendar Hacked?

I'm a little worried because it's now the second time I see a spammy event added without my consent on my Google Calendar. How is this person sending a Google event directly to my calendar without me approving it first?? Did anyone have the same problem? Here's the SOLUTION You can stop events from automatically appearing in your Google Calendar by editing the settings. I highly recommend you take action no ...

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Sending a Reconsideration Request to Google – Saving your site

A lot of my sites have been hit hard by Google and it's stupid Penguin algorithm. I wanted to know if my major money making site had been hit by a manual or algorithmic penalty. If it's a manual penalty then the quickest way to fix your site is by sending a reconsideration request to Google AFTER having fixed your site's issues.   How to know if you've been penalized by Google? If you get no results wh ...

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This is how bad I was hit by Google Penguin

On April 24th 2012, I got a bit of a shock when I checked my sites statistics. I had been hit by the Penguin effect! My main niche website which promotes iPhones had lost a shit load of traffic and so did a lot of other smaller sites. I have 50 niche websites and most of my older ones have been hit and the newer ones are ok. I believe the reason is that the older sites had more backlinks coming from devalue ...

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Google Penguin Resource – How to Recover

My sites have been hit HARD by Google Penguin and so I've been reading all the information I could find on the new algorithm which has affected so many websites. This page is a summary of the information you'll find around the web and the best practices to remove the penalty and get your rankings back.   5 steps to recovery after Google Penguin   1 - Send a reconsideration request Some may disagre ...

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